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What does this app do?

The Password.File app allows one to protect one or more files with a password.

Who is this app for?

This app if for anyone who needs to send sensitive files over insecure channels. For example, if you need to email your bank statements to your tax professional, you probably don't want to send the originals in a regular email. Instead, you would use this service to put the sensitive files into a encrypted container, protected with a password of your choice, and email the encrypted container. The recipient would use this app to extract the files from the container, after providing the correct password.

How do I use this app?

You can download the app to your device from the applicable app store using the buttons above. Or you can use the cloud app at password-file.com with your web browser.

To begin, choose the {{links[0].text}} link above and provide the information requested on the next step. You will be asked to select the file (or several files), choose a name for the encrypted container file, and the encryption password. After the password-protected container is generated, you can download it to your device, and send it to the recepient. You would also need to contact the recipient and inform them of the password you have chosen.

Upon receiving the password-protect container file (and the password!), the recipient would use the second link {{links[1].text}} to provide the password-protected container file and the password. If the password is correct, this service would extract the original files, and store them on the recipient's device. After the extraction is done, the password-protected container can be deleted.

How secure is the password protection?

This service uses the industry standard AES encryption with 256 bit encryption key. There is no practical way to break such encryption at this time and for the foreseable future. However, it also depends on how strong the password you are using: if the password is weak, it can be brute-forced in a reasonable time. To prevent such attacks, choose a password that is long and contains a variety of characters, without words from a dictionary.

Do you store the original files?

If you use an app, then all processing occurs on your device, and the original files remain there. If you use the cloud service at password-file.com, then the processing happens in the cloud, but your original files are stored there only for the time necessary to apply the password protection to them. After the processing is done, the unencrypted files are deleted automatically.

How does this work?

This service uses the industry standard Zip file format with AES encryption to perform the password protection. Unlike the regular Zip file encryption, which only encryptes the contents of the files, and leaves the file names visible, this service hides the file names from the view. As a result, if an attacker opens the password-protected file with a third-party Zip program, they wouldn't see the original file names.



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